Vacuum Hand Cups

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Powr-Grip Vacuum Cups aren\'t just suction cups ...
Unlike regular suction cups that produce a vacuum as they pull away from the glass, hand-held vacuum cups from Wood\'s Powr-Grip pump out air from between the rubber vacuum pad and the glass surface, thus creating a much more reliable hold. Because the full face of the vacuum pad is brought into contact with the glass surface, distortion is reduced, allowing a WPG vacuum cup to be used on glass of almost any thickness, with little risk of damage.

Powr-Grip Vacuum Cups have a built-in vacuum indicator ...
A red line on the pump\'s plunger indicates the vacuum level of each hand-held vacuum cup from Wood\'s Powr-Grip. When a WPG hand cup is attached completely, the plunger is partially hidden inside the pump and the red line is not visible. A visible red line indicates vacuum is not sufficient for lifting. If the red line starts to show during a lift, a check valve allows the user to repump a Powr-Grip vacuum cup without losing the remaining vacuum. When the lift is completed, a release mechanism allows air to refill the evacuated space under the vacuum pad, so that release is complete, with no dangerous after-stick.

Powr-Grip Vacuum Cups meet any glass handling need ...
Since its establishment in 1964, Wood\'s Powr-Grip has perfected vacuum products for handling glass of nearly every size and shape. The wide variety of standard Powr-Grip vacuum cups include models with flat vacuum pads, for quick attachment to flat glass, and models with concave vacuum pads, for effective attachment to curved or irregular glass surfaces. Superior construction, close attention to detail, and individual testing have given WPG vacuum cups a reputation for excellence and earned them a place among standard tools used by glaziers around the world

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