Hand Chain Hoist CF Series

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Harrington CF hand chain hoists give you a practical alternative thanks to an economical design using fewer parts for trouble-free service. Outstanding durability is due to a die-cast aluminum body and high-strength, heat-treated main pinion shaft and load gear. Pre-lubricated ball bearings, precision machined gears, and Weston-style load brake make lifting smooth and easy while allowing long service and low maintenance. Many Benefits From More Features: •  Experience exceptional strength with a thick die-cast aluminum body. •  Handle tough demands with high-strength, heat-treated main pinion shaft and load gear. •  Get positive braking action with Weston-style load brake incorporating two moisture-resistant brake pads with four braking surfaces. •  Minimize manual effort thanks to smooth running, pre-lubricated ball bearings, and precision machined drive train components. •  simplify maintenance with fewer parts and an easy-to-work-on design. Capabilities To Count On: •  10-foot lift is standard, 15- and 20-foot lifts are also stocked; nonstandard lifts and hand chain drops available as well. •  Grade 100 heat-treated manganese alloy load chain resists abrasion and wear while minimizing chain weight. •  Forged and heat-treated alloy steel hooks are designed to open slowly and not fracture under excessive loads. • 


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